Providing Products to the Oil & Gas Industry and Beyond

Shell comprises a worldwide group of petrochemical and energy companies that serves people all over the globe from more than 70 countries. To efficiently serve its many markets, Shell’s operations are divided into four categories: Upstream, Integrated Gas & New Energies, Downstream and Projects & Technology.

The conglomerate continually strives to fortify its position in the oil and gas industry as well as fulfill energy and service demand in as much of an environmentally friendly manner as possible. Shell’s dependable status as an industry leader and its specialized product offerings make it one of Aviation Products’ most highly regarded manufacturers.

Shell’s Offerings

In addition to meeting global gas and energy demands, Shell also provides specialized products like:

  • Lubricants for Businesses
  • Aviation Industry Lubricants and Fluids
  • AeroShell Aviation Lubricants
  • GTL (i.e., Gas-to-Liquid) Fluids and Solvents